Mario Rossi
Hotel 101: How to Get the Best Room for Your Dollar

Times are getting tough and we always have to ensure that with the little money we have we get the best out of it. Travelling is one of the few things that we can’t entirely avoid. Whether it is an emergency, usual business trip or simply travelling for pleasure you will want a good account of all the money you spend. One thing that goes in handy with travelling is hotel rooms. The following are ways on how to get the best room for your dollar.

Be flexible about travel dates

The prices of hotel rooms tend to differ depending on the season. There are times when they charge more whereas if you book a room at a certain period you can pay nearly half the price. This is largely attributed to the demand. During holidays and festive seasons, the prices tend to increase. Also, on the weekends the prices are slightly higher compared to mid week. If you want to get the best room for your dollar you have to be flexible with your travel dates. Most ideally book a room midweek and not during the festive season.

Take advantages of the last minute's specials

When people cancel reservations on the last minutes the hotel forced to the lower prices of the rooms. This means that if you book a room at the last minute you will be the lucky chap that benefits from the lowered prices. However, this is not something to rely on, at times there might be no one cancelling their reservations and the other rooms could be occupied.

Take advantage of the amazing deals online

Be aggressive and search for a hotel deal online. You should also compare prices you might end up saving more than $50.

Book early

Most hotels give discounts to people who book early. If your trip is not an emergency one and you have all the time to plan for it take advantage of these amazing discounts but taking the initiative of booking early. Most ideally 21days prior to your travel date. By doing so you will have a chance to choose the kind of room that you want. Whether it is the corner room or one on the highest floor! This way you will get the best room for your dollar.


Ask if they charge extra costs for using the gym, pool or the ironing board. If they do feel free to negotiate! Hello! It’s not like they are going to swallow you or something.


Other than booking the flight and hotel separately try and do it in one package and you might end up saving quite a fortune by doing so.

There is nothing holding you back now that you know how to get the best room for your dollar. Make travel arrangements today least assured that every dollar you spent will be well accounted for.